Scientific research has proven, conclusively that culling, when used as an avian control particularly in respect of pigeons will act to increase bird numbers in a given area rather than reduce numbers. The pigeon populations will breed back to the pre-cull figure within a matter of weeks following a cull. In most cases commercial pest controllers put profit before the provision of a good and lasting service and they offer simply will be a quick-fix (normally culling) and the pigeon populations will breed back within a matter of weeks. This is because culling has been proven to increase pigeon flock size by between 15% and 30%. In the main, pest control contractors will recommend a combination of culling and the installation of deterrents to the client. The pest control contractor suggest that culling reduces the impact on the property following the installation of deterrents. Clearly this does not make sense – if the correct deterrent is chosen in the right areas. The reality is that the culling operation is completely unnecessary and sold to the client simply as an additional and worthless service. This is because both of these services are highly profitable.

To control pigeons population in the cities, their production should be targeted not the bird itself. There is no reason to sentence pigeons to such grizzly deaths with unnecessary pain and distress.

At PIGEONSLIVESMATTER we are strongly against using lethal methods of controling pigeons and we recommend alternatives humane and non-lethal methods briefly. If they chosen correctly, they can solve any pigeon’s poblem humanely and effectively without hurting or killing any bird. There is never a need to use lethal control or a circumstance where it will be anything other than completely ineffective.